If you think about it, there are only a few events in one’s life that get the entire extended family all in one room. One of those occasions is the individual’s funeral. While this event brings people together during a time of tragedy, it is also a celebration of the life of a loved one. After eight years in the photo booth business, 1000 Words was recently hired to service our first funeral/celebration of life. It may sound a little strange, but with all family members in one place, it was a wonderful way to capture the moment.

Management of the funeral home monitored how guests responded to the photo booth, and it ended up being a smashing success. There was not a tear in site during the pictures—just dozens of smiling faces. When it was announced there was a photo booth open for family pictures it was practically mobbed!

Family members took turns holding a large, framed photo of their loved one in the booth so that she was also in the snapshots. For this event, we didn’t use silly props or wild backgrounds. We kept the occasion formal and serious, but the photo booth itself lightened the mood and brought an element of fun to an otherwise somber gathering. People often forget that funerals are also a gathering of loved ones, and taking pictures often fall to the backburner. Since guests themselves wouldn’t be taking photos themselves, this was a great way to capture images of extended family members that might not see each other very often.

Although it may seem unconventional, we now understand the value a photo booth adds to a funeral. The lack of props and funny faces make it an efficient way to capture moments with multiple family members without being goofy or inappropriate for the type of occasion. 1000 Words photo booth service also includes prints and online galleries that create lasting keepsakes for guests.

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