Work that camera! The right poses and facial expressions make all the difference when it comes to pictures, and luckily with a photo booth you have multiple tries to get the perfect shot. Forget awkward headshots and stiff smiles—in a photo booth, anything goes! Whether you’re an avid selfie-taker or completely camera shy, you are sure to look fabulous in your photo booth pictures by following these tips:

  1. Let your personality shine. This is the opposite of school picture day—go crazy with your expressions! A photo booth may be the only chance to take hundreds of funny face pictures without annoying a photographer.
  1. Play with props. Each 1000 Words photo booth comes equipped with plenty of playful, silly props to enhance your photo shoot. If you’re camera shy, using props is a great way to feel more comfortable and make taking pictures more fun. When you run out of ideas for pictures to take, use props for inspiration and direction.
  1. Pose for the occasion. Remember what type of event you’re at when taking pictures in the photo booth. For a wedding, make sure to include the bride or groom to take a little pressure off after the ceremony. At a corporate event, pose appropriately—you don’t want to see that picture of you mooning the camera all over the office on Monday morning. For more somber events such as a funeral, disregard props and goofy facial expressions for more normal smiles.
  1. Go in groups. 1000 Words photo booths are designed to fit a lot of faces into pictures. Arrange event-goers together in themes, such as same color ties, or the group of friends from junior high, or all the girls. Posing together will provide more energy in the shots and make you more comfortable in front of the camera!
  1. Anything goes! The best part about a photo booth? Taking hundreds of pictures so that you can choose the best one! Put some action in your posing—the classic jumping picture, lifting up the party host, candid laughing, etc. You’ll have tons of choices and laughs when looking back at the photo reel.

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